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Expertise in Security and Privacy areas should not be seen as some isolated domain expertise — or — left to some specialist silo to do as their specialist voodoo secret hidden dance either.

Be it software or hardware or both and at all layers within the team or organisation should be both collectively accountable & responsible for it.

It’s not Black/White

Key is to have some levels of expertise based on their perspectives on Privacy & Security tailored to each of the roles instead of “none at all” to enable better cross-collaboration.

Business as the driving force should understand to…

Disaster Girl — Original sold as NFT for 500k$

Or how @Jack didn’t give me “Delete All Tweets” Button

So I made my own button kind of..

There isn’t much fun to be had from pressing that deactivate button thing alone either considering the shenanigans web apps do with your personal data — that was like meant for security.

When you are finally ready to go thermonuclear with your account you may as well burn everything down first — and if you are lucky to be “a data subject” follow with a Art. 17 GDPR request.

Photo by Kate Oseen— Creative collaboration for self-improvement

Making a film or a video can be a simple affair but did it ever teach you much about collaboration or keeping your ego in check whilst delivering something you didn’t think was possible?

By doing something creative under the pressure within a tight timeline outside from your regular work and comfort zones can teach you all these things with other people, if you let it that is.

This isn’t a new challenge

If you happen to be in New Zealand there is a great yearly film competition called 48 Hours NZ which has not been emulated much elsewhere.


Nakagin Capsule Tower — Photo by Sava Bopov as licensed from Unsplash

I’ve got a few practical solutions or low hanging fruit for you all how to address this in a continuous manner.

And ensure that people actually start to embrace and grow from those as-builts —

You know those things people manually built and left sitting as-is in the production faced with occasional performance art on their specialized voodoo there and then?

I personally would like to call it Form of Truth that gives the actual form for all that Source of Truth stuff that everybody keeps talking about.

*Poof* you are now a DevOps witch!

Solutions for this must not…

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Not just the data alone but focusing on monitoring/observations as well as the initial trigger that led me to realize the 300 steps I got without thinking was really part of a larger interconnected problem.

Perhaps intuitively it is a bit naive to benchmark 10k steps as the goal.

Image from WiKi Is the glass half empty or half full?

As you know I was a bit frustrated with the proprietary closed source workflow imposed on me compared to the industry standard to get the onboard audio recordings off those wireless mics.

Not only that — BUT remember the bullet time ?

Scaling the workflows..

Like in Matrix they had tons of DSLR cameras surrounding the acting to do just that and it was essential to have precise fine shutter control and not to say efficient ingest off those cameras and certainly someone going to each camera and running some windows app ingesting these photos one by one was out of question…


© MissM Gimbal starting to struggle with the weight

People typically associate 2.4 GHz with the internet connected toasters harassing their owners, baby monitors that are carried on the old school WiFi if it’s not the newer dual band kind that includes the 5 GHz radio spectrum.

However what people often forget that 2.4GHz had become way more liberal spectrum and is prone to a lot of interference thus many typically for WiFi use the less crowded 5 GHz spectrum.

This kit does not employ any diversity signal path and even on the UHF systems it is important to check for properly done true spaced diversity with complete separate…

© MissM Improvised Stereo urban ambiances Smell-O-Sound

#FridayFun When the RØDE Wireless Go II dropped I had a film acquitance who wanted me to take iPhone 12 Pro Max and these bought for their own money for a run.

This was after they heard me talking about the 2.4GHz radio cons and how clunky the UHF systems are we regularly use in films unless one spends big money for the most high-end stuff.

Being in SYD these were quickly available here so I was one of the first few to find all the bugs and gotchas if one is to use this kit and RØDE has fixed…

CC-BY-SA image borrowed from Wikipedia Container Ship

And perhaps contribute to your clients green goals too. I have had clients with IoT device vendors who often have sneaky Win32 only Application to engage the “factory” setup or white-label process or recovery on their devices and it is critical to retain the vendor support whilst optimising the workflow at scale.

Or even you could have the vendor itself wanting to semi-automate their factoryline to initialize devices that vendor has developed Win32 app you suddenly find yourself having to “plug it in” to your automation magic.

Or you could be just a regular home user wanting to drive some…


Intersectional DevOps

I would like to think DevNetOps it’s own yet another speciality of DevOps and we should think of the pain points unique to this domain to illustrate the differences to enable successfull delivery of turning things around.

You could say this may be another sub-speciality as Network Reliability Engineer but same principles largely apply to address the toil.

Have you perhaps seen a legacy service provider wanting to adopt say like ansible directly and then just not getting anything across the line?

You’re not alone.

To explore why this happens, we have to dive deeper into the real world problems…

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